Style + Approach

Mediation is a confidential and voluntary process in which one or more neutrals assist parties in resolving their conflicts and disputes.  The goal of mediation is to allow the parties to resolve their disputes expediently and as optimally for each of them.

Ms. Amato’s style and approach is crafted from her 25 years of litigation experience representing plaintiffs and defendants to explore, appreciate and evaluate the parties’ nuanced and inherent concerns, objectives, and challenges.   She approaches each mediation with an emphasis on transparency, thoughtful evaluation, and curiosity, and she understands that a path forward involves difficult decisions and compromises, and values the parties’ intelligence and experience.

Ms. Amato tenaciously works with parties to identify their interests, their priorities and their goals.  She does not make decisions and does not force an agreement on any term.  She is dogged in unearthing what is important to each party as she tries to understand their motivations and desires, while remaining ever flexible in her method and technique.  She is bound by the Oregon State Bar ORPC Rule 2.4 and guided by the Oregon Mediation Association Standards of Mediation Practice.

Above all else, Ms. Amato strives to provide a safe and respectful environment where parties can openly and candidly express themselves.