Mediation is a skilled craft. I always look for opportunities to resolve a dispute and unique ways to approach a situation, using techniques and tools that are innate and learned through direct mediation experience and study.

I specialize in matters that are emotionally problematic, factually complex or that pose legal issues in legitimate dispute in which substance expertise is important to the process. I am curious about human nature and decision making, and that curiosity dovetails throughout my mediation process.

I place a very high value on integrity and thoughtful and reasoned preparation. I work with attorneys and parties to design a mediation process that best meets their needs and best optimizes the opportunities for resolution.

Leveraging more than 25 years of practicing law, I focus on innovative problem solving and meeting the parties where they are at the moment. I work with attorneys and parties to identify what is most important to them, and together we develop a reasonable resolution that bridges their interests.