Mediation is a confidential and voluntary process in which a neutral person assists the parties in resolving their conflicts.  The goal of mediation is to allow the parties to resolve their disputes expediently and as optimally for each of them.  A skilled mediator helps the parties identify the issues between them that prevent resolution and agreement so that they can move away from their locked-in positions and generate settlement options, and where appropriate to protect ongoing personal and business relationships.

Mediation offers parties an incomparable opportunity find solutions that are uniquely crafted to fit their specific situation so that they can move forward from their sometimes polarized positions.  I do not believe that every dispute or case is best resolved through mediation; however, in those situations where the parties desire to resolve their differences by finding solutions that are in the best interest of their business and personal interests, confidential mediation with a highly skilled mediator provides a wonderful framework for just that type of resolution.

I tenaciously work with parties to identify their interests, their priorities and their goals.  I do not make decisions and do not force an agreement on any term.  I am dogged in unearthing what is important to each party as I try to understand their motivations and desires, and I try to remain ever flexible in my method and technique.

Above all else, I strive to provide a safe and respectful environment where parties can openly and candidly express themselves.