No Administrative Fees

Full Day Rate:  $3,500 up to 10 hours preparation, mediation and travel.*

Half Day Rate:  $2,250 up to 6 hours preparation, mediation session and travel.*

Additional $350/hour for time that exceeds the half or full day rate.

No deposit is required so long as the law firm representing the responsible party is primarily responsible for timely payment of fees and expenses.  If counsel is not able to make timely payment or parties are not represented by legal counsel, a pre-mediation deposit is required.

Reasonable expenses for transportation, lodging and meals for travel outside Portland metro area.

Pro bono services determined on a case by case basis.

Cancellation or Postponement

If cancellation or postponement occurs within 14 days of the scheduled mediation, $500 per party for each day scheduled, plus actual time spent in preparation and travel, paid by the cancelling party.

Payment Terms

Payment due upon receipt of statement.   After 30 days, interest at 1%/mo. on past due balance.

*  Travel outside of Portland metro area may be charged at a separate rate.