Due to the confidential nature of mediation, I will provide references upon request.

“Your assistance was instrumental for us to find an agreement our clients could accept.”  – Defense Counsel

“The way you worked with my client, listened to him and valued his input allowed him to drop his guard and see that settlement was possible” – Plaintiff’s Counsel

“You came up with creative settlement options that worked.” – Defense Counsel

“You did not marginalize my client’s concerns.  You heard him for who he is.”  – Plaintiff’s Counsel

“Your quick assessment of the issues and damages allowed us to talk about difficulties in our case early on.  Our time with you was efficient.”  – Defense Counsel

“Thanks to your calm demeanor tensions were diffused and we could focus on settling the case.” – Plaintiff’s Counsel

“Thank you for coming into our organization, taking time to get to know the people involved, and help them have better conversation.  Our organization is stronger for it.  – Non Profit Executive Director

“You helped us sort through our issues and begin to talk about how we want to run our business.”   – Business Owner

“You quickly assimilated the complicated facts and grasped the underlying entanglements.” – Defense Counsel

“We needed someone to help us look at business operations, our individual strengths, and redirect our conversations toward respect and cooperation.  You did that and did it respectfully.” – Small Business Owners