My neutral practice is informed from my experience as a litigator and a businesswoman.  My practice is based on the principles of integrity, thoughtful evaluation, and curiosity about the nature of the dispute to discover unique ways to approach a situation. I use techniques and tools that are innate and learned through my direct mediation experience and advanced study. 

In 2008, I began an intense study of mediation principles, techniques, and practices and then began mediating disputes. My studies never cease. I continually challenge myself to learn and expand my skill set.

After decades of bringing parties through a settlement conference, or a mediation focused exclusively on driving a settlement, often at the personal cost of a party's business or personal dignity, I realized that we all deserve a better process. Parties and their attorneys deserve a process that respects different viewpoints and individual goals, recognizes that a path forward involves difficult decisions and compromises, and values the intelligence and skills of attorneys, the parties and their representatives. That is the cornerstone of my mediation practice.